Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Newsy Update

So, things have been crazy and wild here of late.

We are on school holidays, which means I have all four of my gorgeous children home with me.

In between, playdates, sleepovers, trips to the park and indoor swimming, we've been having some crazy weather in Victoria.

I'm talking trees down over roads and power lines and torrential rain and wind kind of crazy.  We are just at the back end of 16 hours without power.  Whew.

Anyhow, amongst all this fun, I've just launched a new Ladies Wear line in my Joyfoolery shop.

I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect fabrics to make these clothes out of and I went with my love of ombre and ordered the most beautiful cottons in subtle colour gradients.

I have also been trying to find the perfect designs and have found some very unique ones.  The skirt design is by Australian, Nicole Mallalieu, and it is a stunning fit.  The yoke makes it extremely flattering as does the A-line shape.  It's available in sizes 8-18.

I've also just released the very first Joyfoolery Newsletter!  I hope to get this out monthly and include latest releases and discount codes for my lovely loyal customers.  You can sign up here:

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So that is all my news for now, what have you been up to?

Christie xx
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Needle Felting

Recently I received an email from a very cool new website called "The Amazings".  They offered to let me do one of their courses for free in exchange for a review.  

When I popped over to their site and saw all the wonderful online courses available and how it was run, I couldn't resist giving it a go. 

They've set up online tutorials run by "elders" to teach the uninitiated how to do their craft. 

I chose their Needle Felt a Furry Friend class as needle felting has always intrigued me.  So I had the lovely Sue guide me through making my first ever needle felted furry.

They make it easy for you and give you a list of all the equipment required for your class, so I gathered all my tools together (and took a photo lol):

Then I drew the design of my furry friend:

Then I sat and created as I listened/half watched Sue's tutorial.  (You can only half watch as otherwise you'd stab yourself with the felting needle.  And that hurts, I know coz I did it...twice).  It was such a personal course, I felt like I was in the room having a private lesson with Sue, such a great way to learn.  It was also great to discover that Sue gets a percentage of each course sold!

My little bat!  Not quite as cute as my drawing, but not bad for a first effort!

I turned him into a key ring/bag tag.  I'm sure we'll get some use out of him that way.

Some other classes that caught my eye were "Make your own natural beauty products" and "Handsew a Heirloom Patchwork Quilt".  They have a great competition on currently, if you enrol in their Free Motion Embroidery class you go in the running to win a sewing machine!

Big thanks to The Amazings for offering up this opportunity, I love what you are doing!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Winter Tunic for My Gal

The Autumn edition of Ottobre arrived on my doorstep last week, filled with it's usual goodies.

When I saw this dress in the middle, I knew I had to make one for my daughter.  She loved the Lola dresses that I made for myself recently and had asked me to make her one.

So I thought this sweet dress would be just the thing.

I managed to scrounge around in my stash of knits and found three coordinating fabrics.  I even found some pink stretch bias binding that I'd picked up in the op shop ages ago!

This was a quick and easy sew, with great results.  My girl measures 134cm, but I made the 140cm so that I could squeeze a couple of seasons out of it.  I don't have a machine that can do a flatlock stitch, so I did some pretend ones on the hem and sleeves by overlocking and turning the hems up the wrong way. 

My gal is pleased, I can feel a matchy matchy mother and daughter outing on the horizon, which I don't mind at all, it will be all too soon that she wont want to be caught dead with me let alone in matching outfits!

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